Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where I stitch and how far along on part one!

OH MY GOODNESS... I can not believe it is time for part 2... I have a good start on Part 1 but hope to get caught up at some point! I want to be able to show you all my progress and where I was stitching...
I went to a local Starbucks with my Best Friend... She is also a part of this SAL...

Here are some pics for you...

This is where we both were when we left Starbucks that night!
Here is a closeup from my piece progress...

This is a pic of the front barista where we bought out coffee's .... WOW... those stitches go fast once that coffee hits your system!!!! :)

You can see in this one... that we were Finished with all our Coffee treats... and time to pack up and go for home.
Of course there was A LOT of talking and A LOT laughter too... but it was an AWESOME time... So Mary is also another fun reason to bring great friends to the local starbucks for a good time! Her legacy lives on in the stitch!
Thank you so very much for offering this SAL to us!


  1. oh how fun!!! Stitching with a friend at Starbucks! Your stitching looks great!!! I am getting so anxious for my fabric to arrive!!! Later this week!!!!

  2. You've made good progress. Like you I can't believe par t two id here already. It looks like you are using the recomended colors??


  3. HOW FUN! I am envious you have such a close by stitching buddy.

  4. Now that's an awesome place to stitch and with a friend! Really fun! Both of you have made great progress:)