Friday, June 5, 2009

Started Mary tonight

Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to seeing all the progress on Mary in the coming weeks. This is my first SAL so I'm excited to join up on such a great project.

By chance I found fabric before a necessary trip to my LNS and have started to stitch with the DMC colors. I'm off to bed now but will be taking pictures Saturday to post my progress. Tomorrow it is back to my RMR seminar prep so I don't get an "F" in class.

Thank you Sheri for being our leader!

From Colorful Colorado,
Laura S.

1 comment:

  1. woohoo on having the fabric on hand!!! That helps so much!!! Glad you were able to get a start on your sampler. Look forward to seeing your progress!
    Enjoy your stitching time!!!
    school work in the summer huh!???!