Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wed. am!

Good morning fellow Mary W. stitchers!!!! We are growing in number by leaps & bounds. I have had several requests to join. I have sent invites to each & every one that I have received. If you haven't received one, I either did not get your email or I do not have your email address. It must be included for me to be able to invite you!
I have been asked about the info on the side bar of the Needleprint blog. It is now there!!!!! Be sure to check it out!! I have printed out a copy for myself.
I am hoping that I can start my piece today. I really wanted to stitch it on a 32 ct. evenweave, but I do not have any on hand that is large enough. So.... I will be stitching on 28 ct. linen. I hope I can do it!!!
Have a great day everyone!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi Shari
    Praying your finger is healed soon!
    I still have to get my linen. The first piece I got was 28 ct linen 20 x 27, to small...
    If I did get 28 ct linen it would need to be 30 x 30, right?
    But if I found an evenweave at 32 ct it would be 24 x 24, right?
    I am bad at this...
    I hope to go back into town today to see if I can find a piece of fabric I can use...