Saturday, June 27, 2009

Late Start But Delighted to Join the Party!

I just started my Mary Wigham yesterday morning and was rudely interrupted by the need to work 8 hours (when is my lottery number going to win? Work is seriously interfering with my stitching time). I did put a little time in last night as well. Not much to show and I apologize for the icky cell phone pics. I still need a few more colors of floss but I'm quite pleased with my color selections so far. The stitches I've done are really not that blue...more of a teal.


  1. I love the colors that you show here...can you post what they are (or email me at I'm still debating what to do with mine!

  2. I'd love to know your color conversion too! I love all those colors.

  3. Hi Donna,

    I'd also love to know what colors you selected. :-)

    Windy Meadow