Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello Mary Wigham Stitchers

Good Morning and Hello to all.
I am just joining in on this wonderful sal, so i will have to really buckle down to do some catching up. I was so excited to see this sal and now to be a part of it. I was in total shock to look at and click on to all the flags and to see just how world wide this sal is. It just might qualify for Guiness book of work records ! Well a little about me now. I am Jeanie Burnett from Glenwood Arkansas, i have been stitching for almost 30 years on and off. I am married to my wonderful dh Jeff, we have two furbabies Jake ( mastiff) and Minnie Mae ( chihuahua). I also have two grown sons back home in PA. Matthew is 29 and Michael is 26. Currently i have been stitching on, Ann Grimshaw, Bent Creek-Red Thread, Mary Garry's Sewing Well, Stitching Parlor's - Birds of Killingsworth, as well as 8 name trees for my ornament exchange. So now i have to double my stitching time so i can catch up to you all. A Special Thank you to Shari for heading this sal and i look forward to seeing all your post and picture updates and getting to know you all. Wish me luck i am off to put in the first stitch.

Jeanie B


  1. Welcome. Don't rush. Enjoy it. I'm barely through part 1 and I'm having a lot of fun watching other people's progress.

  2. Welcome to the fun!!!


  3. welcome!!!! I am very far behind as well. Just enjoy!!! That is why we stitch, right?!?!?! I hope to get some time on mine tonight!!!