Saturday, June 13, 2009

1st Mary Wigham update

I was going to my LNS today about 2 so I downloaded the two parts and called ahead so she could pull the threads. When I got to the shop I matched the threads she pulled to Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. I also bought a piece of Lambswool size 32 count.
When I got home I started stitching, skipped dinner and did most of the first motif and all of the next one below it. I think the colors are going to turn out nicely and just flow along. Here's hoping!
So I finally have a good start. Tomorrow I will work on it some more and see what I can get done. I also think I will see if I can get my photos online. I have been taking them for a long time but never put them on my computer.
Say a prayer that God is smiling on me and will help.
Take care all and God Bless ~

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