Thursday, June 4, 2009

I started mine

On Tuesday I started my cloth, and here is my work up to yesterday ( I haven't stitched today). I'm making mine with HDF thread from my stash.
It's definitely a pleasure to stitch this pattern!!!


  1. Very nice, Aury! You must stitch at a lightning speed! :) I love all the colors.... and am looking for them to materialize on mine.

  2. Sure a fast stitcher! I haven't even bought the fabric yet! HA!

  3. gorgous Aury!!! I started mine today, but just a few stitches!!!!!

  4. Wow! You've made such amazing progress, Aury. It looks wonderful! :)

  5. Somebody's been eating her Wheaties! ;)

    It looks wonderful, Aury.

  6. Aury,

    Way to go! You must stitch every free moment that you have.... Well I can't wait until tomorrow I will be going down to get my linen and threads and then I will get started.... I hope to get up to speed with the first page so when the second page comes out I will be ready to start stitching on it!

    Kris UT

  7. Thanks for your comments, Mary comes in a really good week for stitching, and I made a lot in two days. I still have not finish it but I'll try to finish it before the second part will be released :D


  8. WOW Aury.
    It looks great. You really have a running start. Makes me want to speed along on mine.
    I really like the colors.