Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fibers and fabric on their way

I just ordered my fiber and fabric for this beautiful piece. I am doing it with an overdyed silk and antiqued linen, then I can start this. I will be doing this over one. Yeah!

I love what I have seen done by everyone - they are all beautiful.



  1. Sandy, which overdyed silk did you choose? Inquiring minds want to know! You will have such fun with this one. The motifs are like popcorn - you want to do one right after the other (okay, a really BIG bowl of popcorn ...)


  2. Well the fabric and threads arrived today. My fabric is called Elegant Bean from Elegant Stitch and my thread is Midnight from Gloriana and yes, I am doing it over one. I am actually going to start stitching it tonight - boy I can't wait. I will post a picture shortly.