Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mary and I are on our way!

Despite what I might have said in earlier comments, all is changed, I am doing it in monochromatic but have moved onto silk, Waterlilies to be exact! I did a few stitches with the Threadworx colour and it disappeared, hence the change.

Don't laugh, but I only just began to stitch at 10:30 pm Central Time, what was I doing all day, you might ask? Well, I cleaned up my sewing room, didn't feel that Mary would approve of the mess! We'll see how long it lasts, I'll probably be searching high and low for either the thread or the chart next week!

Talking of Central Time, where do we all live? I'm just north of Chicago, almost at the Wisconsin border. It would be great if we could find a time when we could stitch "together" despite the time differences. Maybe sometime at the weekend.

Godnight, everyone, I'm beginning to yawn!


  1. Hey Gillie! I'm right in between San Antonio and Austin, Texas:)

  2. Hi Gillie, I right between Washington DCand Baltimore in Maryland. A lot of people and a lot of traffic.

    Cindy I'm going to be in San Antonio in Nov. for a conference.

    Jan R in Maryland

  3. I well remember, Jan! We used to live in Herndon, VA and Himself worked in Rockford. Interesting driving aound there!

    Cindy, you live in a lovely area!

  4. Gillie ~ I live in Waco, Texas. Smaller than most places but when there is traffic, there is traffic. But just for a short time. My kids live in Frisco, Texas so I get to drive in traffic every two weeks when I go visit in the Dallas area. Good practice.
    God Bless ~