Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finally, a minute to post progress

Hello fellow Mary Wigham stitchers!!!

I finally have a few minutes to post my WIP so far. I have not had much stitching time at all this week, or so far this summer for that matter. I also have lots of other projects that are must do's, so I have to divide my time between them!

I stitched this motif with the called for DMC. As I go, I will decide if I am using the called for color or if I will change it.
Everyone's progress is looking wonderful!!! Keep up the great work!!!


  1. Hi Shari,

    It's a great start as I haven't been able to get to my LNS to purchase my linen. Hopefully on Thursday!

    In the meanwhile, I'm having fun watching everyone's progress and seeing all of the wonderful color combinations. Then I'll be able to pick out which one I want to use! :-)

    Windy Meadow