Friday, June 26, 2009

We are almost full!

Good morning everyone!
We are now up to 97 members & I have 3 outstanding invitations. I have also received a couple requests that I haven't been able to fill at this time.
The response to this SAL has been amazing. I am wondering how many have joined the group, but actually are not stitching this piece. I hate turning interested people away. If you have signed up but are just 'watching' the progress pieces, would you consider giving your spot to someone?
Thanks in advance...
I am now off to FINALLY try to get my first motif done. I have not had stitching time all week!


  1. Hey girl! Don't give up on me;) I've been busy cleaning house and working on a rotation. Still stitching on Mary and will try to post another update soon:)
    Everyone's work is sooo beautiful!

    Also having more computer issues!! Changed browsers and yesterday and today I can't open several blogs!! So

  2. I've started, but for some reason when I go to down load part 4 I get Bandwidth Limit Exceeded and then it give a reason which is Needleprint problem.... How do we get this fix so I can down load part 4?

  3. Hi Shari,

    Congrats on the completion of the first motif! Thanks for keeping us updated on things. You are great!

  4. Hi Shari

    Don't give up on me. I've been delayed getting started because I just moved and most of my stash is still packed. I'll post as soon as I can.