Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I don't know if all of you are getting me thru my other blog, but some of you are not including email addresses in your requests. I cannot invite you to join the blog unless I have this information! So, please, help!!!!
Thanks so much!
Looking forward to this!!!!


  1. Hi, I sent you an email so that I can joint this group. I hope you get it.

  2. I just accepted the invitation and have down loaded Part I. Very exciting.

    Jan R Maryland

  3. I've got part 1 and I'm ready to go too!

  4. Hi, am now following here now, and I guess following Cindy F. too - LOL:)

    Stitchin Sweet Sue

  5. Laura,
    have I sent you an invite?!?! I don't see a Laura listed & I don't recall an email. WOuld you be so kind as to try again!?!
    Thanks much!

  6. Hello Everyone,

    I am pleased to be a part of this exciting endeavor. I downloaded the chart, and am waiting for my linen to come in. I am going to stitch over one thread - never done that before, and thought I would try doing it... I am thinking that I would just use one strand of floss, is that right for stitching over one thread?

  7. Ivory - I generally use one strand of floss when I'm doing 1-over-1 work. The only exception is that I will occasionally use either 2 strands of regular floss or 1 strand of Vikki Clayton's premium silk if I'm stitching over one on 25-count Lugana.

    I'm actually considering doing Mary over one on 25-count Lugana because I have plenty of that on hand already and wouldn't have to purchase any fabric that way.

  8. Thanks, Mel! :) I appreciate your help. Is there anything I should watch for when I stitch one over one, or everything should be pretty much the same with stitcher two over two?

    Thanks again!
    Ivory Spring

  9. Hi Shari...could you please send me an invite?
    thanks so much!

  10. Oh please send me an invite! I am SO excited about this SAL!


    Margaret in NE FL

  11. Hi Shari,

    I placed a comment out on your main blog just now and see that I should also comment here to make it easier for you.

    Please contact me at coloradolass (at) live (dot) com when you have a chance. I would very much like to be included in this beautiful SAL but I don't have a blog of my own. I have download the pattern and just have to gather the supplies.

    Laura in Colorado or StitcherLas if you would like (as I see there are several Laura's involved)

  12. if you have not gotten an invitation from me, i either did not get your email address or the emails are not going one way or the other! I have responded to everyone!!!

  13. I would love to joint the SAL! I haven't started yet because I'm still collecting my fabric and thread. My e-mail is sdevenney1@indy.rr.com


  14. I would love to do this SAL..please send my invite to email as I can not find your email address... lriggsbee@nc.rr.com the first is lower case L not the number one...fyi.Thanks and I look forward to my first SAL!~ Faye

  15. Hi Shari,

    my email is dignstitch2@verizon.net
    I started Mary last night and a little more this morning. Thanks for leading us!!


  16. Please sign me up - ctstitch@cox.net

  17. Hi Shari,
    Please sign me up for the fun! senoritastitches @ gmail.com

  18. Hi Shari,

    Please sign me up too. =) My email address is CBL2000@mac.com.

    Thanks bunches,


  19. Hi Sahri,
    I think I joined originally and included my email address at te time, but ran across this blog by accident, so maybe not. My address is juels51@yahoo.com and I have signed in as SilkLover.

  20. Hello Sahri! Please include me in the SAL. My email is: interiorsbydeb2@aol.com
    My blog is: http://lavenroseramblings.blogspot.com/
    Thank you so much,

  21. Hi Shari, please include me in the SAL.
    leslie @ litewire dot net

    Thanks! Leslie

  22. Hi ~ I posted a note of invitation on another comment place so I will also post here. I would love to join your SAL. If I had been doing this kind of thing, and it was here in the States I would have done one just like this. I love the many different motifs and colors.
    My email addy is reddrooster@gmail.com I will be eagerly awaiting your reply. Let me know if I need to do something else.
    Thanks so much ~
    God Bless ~

  23. Hi Shari,
    I have tried this several times I hope this time it works.
    Please sign me up for the SAL.
    Thanks, Brenda

  24. Hello Shari!
    Yes please, I would love to join the SAl for Mary! My email address is stephnie114@yahoo.com. Thanks!!!

  25. Have fabric; have floss; have download part 1. I am going to be part of this SAL, but I don't quite understand the inviting part. Obviously, I don't have a blog of my own! I don't mind being a lurker and just following along with everyone else. But I have some questions about the sampler itself (like whose initials are sprinkled all over) and would like to know where to get them answered.
    Thanks, Shari, for taking on this big job of being leader. My email is lucasd329@gmail.com.

  26. I would like to join too!
    My address is donlach@charter.net
    As Always,

  27. I would like to join too please. need to get my fabric this weekend, looking at a 36ct or 40ct fabric.

    thanks karen


  28. I would like to join the Mary Wigham SAL. My email address is ajfleming@cox.net

    Thank you so much!

  29. I too would love to join the Mary Wigham SAL.
    I have my fabric ready, gathering my floss, and have parts 1,2,3 downloaded and printed. This is all so new to me as i dont know the first thing about blogging, or how to navigate around them. So i will need guidence for dummies.

    Jeanie Burnett aka Jeanie b
    Glenwood Arkansas

  30. Hopefully I can still join. I'd love to do this SAL.


  31. I am new to SALs so I did not know that we had to receive an invitation. I have my fabric and threads and will be starting any day now.

    Pat in Bedford, Texas

  32. I have not had luck in sending you an email. My email is jennifer@jenniferstumpf.com. I would love to join this group and download part one. Thank you!!

  33. I have not heard from you I posted my email address Patrici753@aol.com as you requested. Can I post my progress? And if so how do I do it.