Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I know what I said...

I said I wouldnt start this until mid July once my family and inlaws have all gone home. My Grandma wanted to go to Michael's today, so I thought...I'll grab come fabric and see if I can find some nice colors for my MW. So, here I sit with my fabric picked out and a bunch of colors to try, and MW being spit out of my printer. I am not sure I'll last until July, let alone the next 10 minutes.

I found a piece of 28ct Jazlyn in Crystal Peach. The floss colors are all different pinks, peaches and tans with a blue, green, purple, dark grey for some parts...maybe. I just sat in front of the DMC display and grabbed colors willy nilly, so I am not sure what will be used and what wont.

The black cat hair at the very top of the picture will be added in during the stitching....the cat hair is always added in whether I want it or not. LOL

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