Thursday, June 4, 2009

Everybody Loves Mary

...come on, you knew it was only a matter of time :)

I'm Kate and live on the eastern shore of Maryland. I'm 28 and have been stitching for about 8 years now. And this is my first SAL!

Well, it looks like some of you have made terrific progress already - wowie wow wow. Hopefully I'll run over to my stitchin' shop in Ocean City, MD this weekend and pick up some floss and fabric to get started. There is nothing quite like a needlework store with an ocean view, big ups to Salty Yarns! My only hesitation is that I've never started working a project from a corner before. I always start in the middle. But if I wait until the middle chart comes out you all will be so far ahead of me - then what's the point of a SAL?! So I'm bustin' through the comfort zone on this one. Yipes!

What is everyone else's preference? Are you a center or corner starter?

Oh yeah, and shameless plug - check out my flickr page for progress on my many WIPs.


  1. hi Kate,
    I am usually a center starter as well, but on a project this big, I find it much easier to start in the corner. Just be sure to leave your 3 inches on the top & the side or however much you allow. Have fun!!!!

  2. I'm usually a center starter as well. The only time I stray from that is on mystery projects or pieces such as this that are being released over time.

    I have a 3" wooden square that I got in an Essy's Friends kit from Elegant Stitch a couple of years ago. It's perfect for those times when you need to start at the top. You just lay it on top of your fabric in the upper left-hand corner. Next, put a pin in your fabric at the lower right corner. This measures off the 3" over and 3" down all in one step with no ruler or tape measure required.

    Here's a pic of the one I have. You could easily cut out your own 3" square from cardboard or something to accomplish the same thing.

  3. I agree, something like this I begin in the the corner, remembering the 3"!

    Look forward to seeing your progress, Kate!

  4. Hi Kate,

    I live in Maryland too but just north of DC. I go to a ciovention IN OC every year and I love Salty Yarns and can't wait to get there again this year.

    JAn R in Maryland

  5. I almost always start samplers in the corner leaving 3" margins - just need to make sure that you cut your fabric properly ....... I haven't started yet ....... have a couple things to complete 1st ...... jill

  6. Hi Kate
    I live in Salisbury on the Eastern Shore as well. I was just at the Salty Yarn for the first time in many years last, was I over whelmed. What a fabulous shop!