Monday, June 1, 2009

Ready to go...but a question for everyone

Thank you Shari for starting this exciting blog! I can't wait to get started!!!

I love this sampler, but as you've probably noticed, there are a lot of initials in this piece. I'm sure for her family members. Is everyone going to stick to the initials to make an exact replica of the piece or are any of you going to change any or all to reflect your family members or at least your own initials for a signature??

I'm stitching 1 over 1 on 32 ct. Zweigart Lambswool (cause that's what I have) and I'm going to follow the floss colors because I like them.
(After stitching "A Quaker Christmas" in just 3 colors, I want this one to be more colorful.

Just curious to know what everyone's doing:)

Have fun!!
Cindy F./TX


  1. Cindy haven't made up my mind about the intials. But I do like the idea of using my family. Have to give it some thought

    Jan R in Maryland

  2. I've had the same quandry, Cindy. I've not decided yet how I'm going to do it either. Part of me wants to stay true to the piece since it's a repro, but another part of me wants to bring in the initials of those I care most about to make it more "mine".

  3. Hi Cindy! (and everyone!)

    I think I'm going to keep to the colours, I have them picked and I like them. Not sure about the initials either, but also I want to make it quite clear that it IS a repro, so will probably at least put my initials and where I stitched it etc.
    Dumb question - part 1 is the top left of the sampler?

  4. Gillie, Not a dumb question at all. I wondered about that too. Is everyone starting at the top left corner? I guess we all have inquiring minds. LOL

    Jan R in Maryland

  5. We're all learning this together! Yes, this 1st release IS the top left corner. Gillie I'm thinking the same, I do want to add my initials, our year....where we stitched it is a great idea too.

    A lot to think about;)

  6. I like the idea of the exact reproduction, so I would probably stick with the initials given in the chart. But I would definitely like to put my initial somewhere to show that I am the stitcher... any idea where I might could do that? I guess that might come clearer toward the end...

  7. I am going in now to look for supplies. I need to see what fabrics I have first, then will decide on colors.As far as initials, I haven't thought that far yet!

  8. Thanks for the bright answers to the dumb question! There will be many more....! I went to my LNS today to buy the fabric and came away with the lambswool in 35 ct and Threadworx floss to do a sort of (I bought two colours) monochrome, the DMC is going back in the box!

    By the way, Shari - I WAS a head girl at a girls' school in Norfolk, England in the Middle Ages!
    Relax, I don't want the job, lol!

    Sorry about your finger!