Tuesday, June 2, 2009

good day SAL friends!

hello to each & every one of you!!! I trust you are having a great day.
I hope by now, that you all have gotten your copy of the first part of the SAL. I downloaded mine last night.
PLEASE consider making the contribution they request. What a legacy for each of us!
If I get quiet, please bear with me! I hurt my finger nearly 2 weeks ago. I was stubborn & didn't go to the doctor. Thought it would heal on it's own. Well, this morning I decided I needed to get it looked at. I fractured a tendon in the finger. I have to wear a splint on it for 8 weeks. It is real hard to type!!! I haven't tried to stitch yet!
Have a wonderful afternoon! I am off to my craft room to see if I have the needed fabric for my piece!


  1. Oh no, Shari! I hope it heals quickly. I'm dealing with a torn meniscus in my left knee right now. Thankfully, that doesn't interfere with my stitching. In fact, it kind of helps it out. Since I have to stay off my knee as much as possible, I find I'm getting a lot more stitching done. LOL

  2. Oh no!!! So glad you went to the dr. or it never would have healed properly. I'm sorry girl...hope it doesn't hurt!

    I did give a donation:)

  3. Shari sorry to hear about your BooBoo. Hope you aren't in too much pain and can still stitch.

    I made my contribution.

    Jan R in Maryland

  4. Shari,
    That's better then breaking your arm and having to have manager surgery! I did that in 2006 right before the Bush retreat I ended up in the hospital having surgery to fix my arm.. I couldn't stitch for 3 months. Finally I set up my table top and used it so I could stitch with one hand... boy that was a bad year not much stitching until the middle of 2007. I hope to get my linen and threads this weekend when I go to the Bush my favorite shop! Haven't decided if I'm going use the DMC or Special threads yet through. Will post when I get my supplies..

    Kris UT