Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello everyone! I joined this SAL last week but just recently had a chance to go through my stash. I find I don't have anything close to it so will have to order. I do have some beautiful fabric but it is in a light blue. I am really tempted to use it. I love it and have wanted to use it for some time. I have also thought about doing my MW in monochromatic colors. Then again I feel like I want to stay as close as possible to the reproduction. Hope I dont end up being the last person in the U.S. to actually join the SAL :-)
Anna W.


  1. Anna,
    I am the leader & I have just started!!! Maybe have 50 stitches in mine!!!
    Your light blue fabric sounds beautiful!!!! I even debated that myself, as I have a large piece of light blue!!!!!

  2. Anna, I'm sure any way you stitch it, it will be gorgeous!

  3. Anna, I think a blue monochrome of this design would be beautiful. Go ahead and use your blue fabric if you love it. This was Mary's sampler, but there is nothing saying you cant put your own spin on it and still have it be a great tribute to her piece.

    And you wont be the last. I am considering doing it too, but havent even looked through my stash for supplies. I dont know why I am procrastinating. I know I'll be doing it. LOL

  4. I agree with all of the above! None of us have got that far and you will catch up. I think the blue sounds wonderful. I think Mary would be totally tickled that over 200 years after she stitched her sampler so many people are emulating her. Go for it!