Friday, June 12, 2009

Mary Update

Hi everyone! It's so awesome seeing everyone's progress photos on their versions of the Mary sampler. I have a photo, but it's not very good and my sampler doesn't really look like this now. LOL

After I started stitching the second motif with the recommended DMC 725 (as shown in the photo), I decided that the yellow was brighter than I really wanted it to be. So, I ripped it all out and decided to pick another color instead. That lead me down a path of deciding to stitch my sampler in a combination of DMC and over-dyes. For the over-dyes, I'll be using fibers from WDW, GAST, and Crescent.

I finally have the second motif back to about the spot shown in the photo above. I'm stitching it with GAST Ohio Lemon Pie this time though. I'll try and take an updated photo this weekend.

I've also finally come up with my stitching plan for this piece. If I've counted correctly, there are 45 motifs (some large & some small), 27 sets of initials, and then the M. Wigham personalization. I've set a goal of stitching one motif per week. I plan to divide the initials into batches of 6-7 sets at a time and will occasionally throw in an "initial week" in place of doing a motif. By setting my goals this way, I will still have time to stitch on other projects. It would also mean that I could finish this sampler in about a year's time.


  1. It looks lovely. I cant wait to see all of the colors you are going to use.

    Your stitching plan sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll try that too. It sounds very doable.

  2. I like your plan! I also need to come up with something similar as I have MANY other things to be working on!~~ I decided to do the overdyes and chose Ohio Lemon Pie but I used only 1 thread on tht motif!!