Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello, Thank you and progress

Hello to all!
Thank you Shari for approving my membership into the SAL. I must also thank Gillian for telling me about the SAL.
I'm brand new at this blogging thing so if I mess up, please tell me.
I started MW last night but only got what you see done.
I'm stitching on 40 ct. Sandstone 1 over 2. My wife and I decided on using Shepherd's Bush colors. Soft muted colors I guess you could say.
I'm headed back to the recliner to get some stitching in before making dinner.
I've enjoyed everyone's progress pictures and all of your decisions on colors and fabrics!
Thanks again everyone!
As Always,


  1. Hi Don! I cant wait to see more of your MW with the muted colors.

    As a side note, I love to see male stitchers! I have tried to get my husband involved in my stitching. He's really good about going with me to the LNS to shop and encouraging my purchases. I have yet to get him to pick up a needle though! Unless it's one I have dropped on the carpet. LOL

  2. Hi Don, glad you made it! Will be looking for photographs - which reminds me, I need to take one!

  3. Welcome to the group, Don. How wonderful to have a male stitcher in the group! :)

  4. it looks wonderful so far!!! You are further than I am!!! I need some good solid stitching time!! Keep up the great work!