Monday, June 29, 2009


Hi all

Here are the beginnings of my sampler. First I started with one of the motifs that I will make into a ornament. It is on 25 ct over 1 using white and yellow DMC. I wanted to do the whole sampler like this but my LNS didn't have the fabric so I changed my mind. Now it is on pale green 22 ct hardanger fabric over 1 using blues and yellows and ?? I tend to change colors on the fly so this isn't written in stone.

I also will not be doing all cross stitch. I want to learn how to convert cross stitch patterns to other stitches and will be using this sampler to learn. I figure by the time I'm finished, I should have the hang of it.



  1. How neat!!!

    I love your idea and I'll be looking forward to see your progress!!

  2. I just love what you're doing with this pattern, Marcy! So's going to be fun to watch as you progress...