Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Very little progress :(

I thought I would never ever ever finish that first medallion, but here it is...Yay Me! I sure hope that it doesn't take me as long to cross stitch any of the rest of them. Sorry for the ugly cell phone pic but it's all that I can do at the moment. I'm so happy to be starting a new motif. And no...I didn't spill koolaid on it-it's just some weird shadow.


  1. Looking good!
    I thought I would never finish that motif either. I was so glad when I got it done.
    Keep up the good work!
    God Bless ~

  2. That first one is really tough, all the others are much easier. I changed the placement of a few so that they don't run together - leaving two or three spaces of separation. It is making the sampler slightly wider & longer but that's OK with me.

  3. that motif took me forever & a day as well. I have been bad & let Mary slip to the back of the pile. I have been working on older WIP's!