Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update on Progress...

I have been slow starting on this one... I have been doing some shop models for a friend. I have made some progress though! I know I am far behind most of you... But ... i am having so much fun with it. I am Using Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Silks... when I started I was only using the basic colors ... no mottled one... I have now decided that I am going to throw a few in there for fun!
As I stitch it... i have been able to explain a little of the process to my 17 year old daughter... and she is falling in LOVE with this sampler too. She now is looking online at the Quaker Samplers... and That is what I had hoped. Another generation looking at, adoring, and stitching the Samplers that are out there! So Mary Wigham, and this SAL has helped to keep the samplers alive. THANK YOU to those who started and are keeping this process going!


  1. Very pretty stitching and colors from Vicki.
    I consider you far ahead...of me...! :) Enjoy the process!

  2. Terrific news about your daughter! Perhaps another "addict" is born.


  3. You are doing great, and not slow at all, I think I'm about where you are too. I took my DD to the LNS to work on colors with me and she also was showing some first time interest in stitching, even bought herself a little kit. I love it when we can get new people interested in carrying on the traditions in any craft.