Friday, August 21, 2009

Starting Over

Call me crazy, but I have started over. Originally, I was stitching on 32 count, using all shades of blue. But the more I saw of the samplers stitched using the recommended colors (or close variations) the more I realized that I just like the way Mary stitched it, so why change it up? Besides, I really, really wanted to stitch it on 40 count.

My linen order arrived last week (Zwiegart 40 Ct. New Castle) It is a bit stiff right now, but I like the color a lot. I am using DMC fibers, not exactly the colors recommended, but close. Here is 3 days worth of stitching:

If you don't recognise it, that is because I started in the bottom right corner (one of my odd stitching quirks- bottom right is my preferred starting point).


  1. Looking good! I definitely can't call you crazy for restarting. I started mine three times before I was finally happy with my choices. LOL

  2. I like it!
    Starting at the ending and working in is like haveing dessert first. Dessert first sounds good to me.