Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Progress

Hello Mary Wigham Stitchers,
I'm enjoying seeing everyone's progress and stories.
I have been busy this August but found a bit of time to work on my Mary. On the first weekend, Mary went camping with me in Northeastern CO. We fell into a strange juxtaposition as I'm recreating Mary while surounded by old windmills and new wind electric generators. I worked on Mary both of the next weekends and yesterday we were on a ranch in midstate visiting family, so I added a few more stitches. Here are a few pictures.

As of Aug 30th

Old Windmill and New Wind Generator in NE Colorado

Mary as of Aug 1st, with the wind generators on the bluff in the background.

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  1. What great place for your Mary to be. It is looking very nice and the stitching looks good.