Monday, August 17, 2009

Here is my completed Mary Wigham.
You can't see it in the photos, but I backstitched under the sampler "Stitched by Ellen Chester in the year 2009--Cincinnati, Ohio" . This information will not show when the sampler is framed.

I'll have a plastic pocket put on the back of the frame for the chart, information about Mary, and perhaps some information about me.


  1. gorgeous Ellen! Congrats on the finish!!!! Makes me want to get mine back out tomorrow am!

  2. I think your finished sampler is beautiful.
    Did you use the colors that it called for or did you just pick out colors that you liked.
    Need to get back to Miss Mary. Too many projects and so little time to stitch. Work does come first. Congrats on your finish.
    Daisy in Moberly

  3. Isn't it sorta sad to finish a piece you have been around so long? It's like telling a close friend good-bye. There is always a part of me that is sad. But then when I get to look at it for days it is well worth it.
    Beautiful finish it is so lovely!
    Great job!
    God Bless ~

  4. Wonderful job! Your Mary looks lovely finished. I hope to get back to mine after finishing a couple gifts for my nephews. Seeing yours finished inspires me to hurry the other projects along so I can get back to Mary.

  5. Ellen, your finish is lovely. And, I love your ideas about signing it and the pocket.

  6. Beautiful!! What a wonderful idea to sign it and add the pocket with all the MW info!