Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a little late... but still an update on progress!!!

A little LATE... I took these pictures 2 weekends ago... and will try to be a bit faster with the post on the next update... But 2 Saturday's ago my Friend Deb and I both met and stitched on our Mary SAL ... I wanted to show you all where we were at that point...

This was my Progress at that time... I have changed a few of the colors around and am using HDF silks on a Lt Mocha 32 count Linen.

You will see out little Sheepie... this is our stitch pet! He holds needles very well... ;)

This is my friend Debra's progress...

you can sorta see her sheepie! he is hidden some at the bottom!

I love that Green cartouche at the very right hand side of the top row!!!!

And... Guess where we were stitching....

That is right....

This seems to be the place for us to meet and stitch and be able to have a great atmosphere... and able to talk... and have a yummy beverage!!! i love our coffee house!!!


  1. Nice work, ladies! I *LOVE* those little sheep!! Where did you find them?

  2. Disregard my question about the sheep. I learned they were a McDonald's promotion from earlier in the summer. I found one on an eBay auction and won it for $1! Of course, then there was the whole $2 shipping thing, but I'm still happy to get such a cute little pincushion sheepie for $3. :-D