Monday, August 3, 2009

Mary Wigham Restart

Well, after my consideration & contemplation, I finally made the decision to pull different fibers and restart my Mary sampler. I originally started her on 32-count Legacy linen from PTP using the recommended DMC fibers. I then decided I wanted to stitch her using over-dyes, so I pulled over-dyes that basically coordinated with the recommended DMC colors. After stitching on that a bit, I decided that I really wanted to do her in more muted "traditional" sampler colors and on a finer count linen.

When I was at my LNS on Saturday for our monthly all-day open stitching class, I had a couple of my friends help me with my final color selections. I restarted Mary yesterday using the new fibers and stitching her 1-over-1 using tent stitch on 36-count Maritime White Lakeside Linen. I'm SOOOOOO much happier with her now!

I'll close out with a couple of pics. The first is of the toss of my final floss choices and my fabric. I may still have to make a couple of substitutions because I'm not sure a couple of the colors will show up on my fabric using just a single strand. I'll make those decisions as I go along. The second shows my progress as of last night when I put her down to head to bed. Both pictures may be clicked to see a larger version.

Thanks for looking!

The Daily Mel


  1. Welllll YOU did good. I really like your new colors and wish I was doing over one.
    Looking forward to our progress.


  2. Melissa, You aren't the only one who's started over with happy results. I admire you and the others. Fortuneately, I'm happy with my AVAS's!! LOL Or, I would be sooo sad like you were. Your new selections look awesome. :] Deb

  3. Melissa,

    You have made amazing progress in a short period of time! I love what you have done!


  4. Melissa,

    Could you possibly share the color substitutions that you decided to use? Like you, I would love to stitch Mary using over-dyed thread.

    Thank you, in advance, Robin Lund

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Robin - I would be happy to share them with you. I'm at the office right now and actually heading out of town in about an hour down to San Diego for a stitching class this weekend. I'll post my conversion when I get back.

  6. Oh you did good. I like your new colors. I had to do that too, I was using that first conversation you posted and I ended up with about 5 colors that just didn't show on my fabric. I took DD to the LNS and we chose some new colors, haven't had time to blog them yet. You have done a lot on your restart, and let us pray that you won't have to do that again! I'll be looking for your new color list soon. I'll blog mine when I get a chance too, we can see how close we came to matching each other (LOL).