Monday, July 13, 2009


It is hard to capture just the correct color of the fabric and the floss. Both are more of a warm spectrum, rather than the cool, as depicted below.

The view outside of pink geraniums blooming on the patio. Perhaps their colors had some influence when I was choosing the pink shades of floss!

It has been ten days since the stitching on Mary W. began. This shows the progress accomplished so far. I probably would be at least one or two motifs further along if it were not for the frogging! Oh how I hate that awful, & pesky pest! You would think by now I could count better.

The geranium blooms on the fabric are some of the pink ones from just outside the glass door from the garden-room where I stitch. It is especially cool in that room, no air-conditioning needed even though it is in the high 90's outside. May you have a wonderful week, & stay cool while counting your stitches.



  1. I love your work in pink!!! Your Mary will be a beauty for sure .
    It's a lot of progress for 10 days, even more if you count the frogging time.
    I can't imagine myself doing nothing with 90 degrees!! it's really nice that you have a cooler area for stitching with a wonderful view of your garden :D

  2. Gorgeous color for MW and a lovely spot to stitch her!

  3. How pretty -- I love your pinks and what a beautiful place to be stitching. -- Marcy

  4. This is stunning. Your work is beautiful.