Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello from Leslie in WI

Hi stitchers, here's a picture of my Mary Wigham through part 3. Will continue on with part 4 (can't get out of order you know!) Those of you who can keep up with this one part a week schedule please loan me your turbo needles! As you can see I still have not made a decision re the turquoise / teal so no more initials have been stitched.

Leslie, who's enjoying (almost) every stitch.


  1. Leslie, that is the prettiest one that I have seen so far! Where are in WI, I'm in Lake County IL.

  2. I love your colors!!! It will be a really sweet Mary :D

  3. Very pretty! There are some motif's I've enjoyed doing more than others, too :)

  4. Looks wonderful - Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for your kind comments. I'm not usually a one-at-a-time stitcher and it's been hard for me to keep on task but worth it thanks to the constant motivation from this group.

    Gillie, I'm just north of the WI/IL border between Janesville and Madison. Lake County - what is your LNS then? You're not that close to Welcome Stitchery are you?

    Aury, I've read about your adding a little creature somewhere. There's a box for initials in Part 5 that just screams for a Corgi dog (a Cardigan with a tail) so I'm putting one there, thanks to you for the idea!