Monday, July 6, 2009


LL Vintage Strawflower 32 count, "Hibiscus" Sampler Threads, DMC #'s3381,3382,3383,961,962,3716,963 

It has been about two weeks since I finalized the decision to stitch the Mary Wigham Quaker Sampler, and joined this group.  Since that time I have been agonizing over what colors to use.  

After observing all your wonderful color combinations and browsing through the Beatrix Potter SAL's I decided to use a color called "Hibiscus".  It is a happy and lively pink!  This is a picture of the fabric, variegated thread, and the DMC color family which closely matches.  It is not a perfect match, but enough so that they look nice together.  I started stitching over the holiday weekend and will post a progress picture soon!

Happy stitching to you all!  You can check in on my blog from time to time to read more about the stitching and progress! It is Silver Threads, Golden Needle

Best wishes while you count your stitches,



  1. Mary in Pink sounds great!!! I'll will be looking forward to see your updates!!!


    PS your Blog's link doesn't work :(

  2. Thank goodness I found the correct link for your blog:

    I want to see what Mary looks like all dressed in pink as pink is my favorite color but I didn't have the nerve to do an all pink Mary. I'll be excited to watch your progress.

  3. Aury, Thank you for noticing my mistake, it is fixed and working correctly. I just got a new IMac and not use to the small keyboard!

  4. Ooooo -- I it. Mary will be pretty in pink! I can't wait to see you progress.

  5. Your choice is beautiful. I too, have a Mac and boy it is a challenge to get this stuff working correctly.
    Your # for the floss should be, I think, 3831, 3832 and 3833 they are in the 3800 series. The other numbers don't exist.
    I am anxious to see your "Pink" progress it will be a refreshing change.
    God Bless ~