Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moving right along with Mary

I am moving right along on my Mary Wigham. I hope to finish off part one by monday or thursday. I dont know if i mentioned but i changed my fabric from white belfast to a 28 ct r&r antique cotton. It is just perfect for this project. I also now have a stitching partner close by and we are stitching this together. She is a designer, her name is Gaberiel, and her designs are Treasured Samplers. Gaberiel and i met in the er, i was the patient and she was the worker. We have become very good friends and enjoy stitching together when ever we can. Infact it was she who alerted me to this sal. Well here is a update Pic on my Mary.


  1. Very lovely and coming along well! I'm also doing mine on 28 ct. as my "mature" eyes aren't seeing the smaller ct. as well :)

  2. Jeanie, your Mary is beautiful. While changing fabric is a pain it's usually best to follow your instincts. I bet you'll be a lot happier with your new choice. I am a huge fan of Antique Cotton - seems like a great fabric for any sampler.

    Stitch on, Leslie

  3. Hi Jeanie, I like your change in fabric. The white and yellow show up beautifully against it.

  4. Lucky you with a stitching partner. You've done beautiful work.