Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Problem with tilt board

Is anyone else having a problem with the tilt viewer. Not only can i not open the parts to the patterns but i can't visit the other countries as well, to see their works. Am i doing something wrong or what. Please advise i am getting so frustrated with that.


  1. I hate the tiltboard. I think it's awkward and clumsy, but it's not my site, so whatever.

    Do you click on the little yellow round arrow on the corner? That'll flip the tile. Then you have to click exactly where it says "click here to download". If you click anywhere else it'll put the tile back in it's spot.

  2. Nope i click just the way i am supose to. I was able to down load pt 7 with no problem last week, but now i can't do any of them. I have never had such problems before.

  3. I hate that tilt board too. It is really most annoying and I wonder if people who have older computers and can't run 'flash' files can even access it all. I have had to print out 3 of the files to my DD because she has an older computer and also dial-up service and some days she just can't even get to the tilt board.