Sunday, July 19, 2009


What is everyone using when they stitch. Are you holding it in your hand, using Q-Snap frame etc

I started on a Q-Snap and then changed to holding it in my hand, but find that gets hard after a while. Please let me hear from you.

Pat in Texas


  1. Hi Pat
    I'm using roller bars. My hands cramp up when I don't use some kind frame when I stitch.

  2. hi! I use a Q snap for most all of my stitching!

  3. Hi Pat
    I always stitch in hand unless I am forced to use a frame. I never have a problem with maintaining tension but that is unusual!


  4. I'm stitching this one in-hand, Pat. I just love the feel of the linen in my hands and I thought it might be more authentic to the times...or not. Either way, I've grown accustomed to stitching in-hand, which makes stitching faster for me.
    Sometimes I use Q-snaps, but I only use roller bar/stretcher frames for very large pieces.

    In other words, you have to find your own level of comfort. Your stitching will be fine either way!

  5. Pat,

    I am using a scroll frame, that way I can stitch two handed - and find it goes faster for me. What I am using is called the Freedom Frame. It is really neat to use as the stitcher can adjust the tension on her fabric with the two end bars which twist to loosen or tighten the tension. I have to stitch on a frame and stand. It also keeps the fabric neat, tidy, & clean!

  6. I stitch in hand using belfast (or other softer) linen. I roll the edges and use quilter's binding clips to keep the rolled edges in place. I adjust as necessary. This method also has the added benefit of keeping the stitched areas clean.

  7. I love using scrolls but because I wanted this more portable to travel with me, I'm using a hoop this time.

  8. I have never managed to stitch very successfully with any kind of hoop, roller, or other stitching contraption. Guess I'm just a hands-on kind of girl. I always stitch in hand, as I find it much quicker and more comfortable for me.

    There's no right or wrong way, just what works best for you.