Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Latest Progress

Here is my latest progress. I am not sure which I enjoy more stitching this piece or looking at all the wonderful pictures of Marys from around the world. The pictures are so well done. I just bought a digital camera in June and am still learning to use it. I am struggling a bit trying to get good pictures. Any suggestions on the best way to photograph this needlework would be appreciated.

Happy stitching,

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  1. Brenda, I am a real camera clutz. But I have discovered for my stitching I only need one setting. Find the "Portrait" setting, it is usually represented by a flower -- which means "close up" setting, as opposed to the "Scenery" or "Distance" setting, usually represented by little mountains. I don't use any other settings at all. Just pop it in portrait mode, hold the camera about 8 inches from the object and snap away. I get really good pictures and then I adjust the size of the "view" in my photo software. I can show you a real close up or make the whole image smaller and it just looks like a nice picture but not a real 'close up'. On my camera (which is fairly old) this is one click of one button so it really is not hard to do, on your new camera it should be a snap.