Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy 4th of July!!!

I finally purchased the linen for my Mary Wigham while on a road trip. I found a great needleshop and picked from many different tones and come up with this one, plus a back up.
I am using 32ct Chestnut w/DMC
I bought the darker tan to use cream color floss, but after a toss floss, I like color.
I started last night and couldn't put it down. I am loving it.
It is such a joy to see all the different variations.
~Faithful Cross Stitchers~Floss Daily~


  1. Happy 4th to you, too!

    I started mine with a "darker" tan but liked an antique white better. There are so many beautiful versions :)

    I have a question: when you stitch on 32 ct. do you use 1 thread over 2 or what? Thanks :)

  2. Amazing! Did you stay up all night? I like your choice of fabric and threads. I am using Sampler threads as close to the DMC shades as possible.
    A side note ~ you left out one of the hearts where that blank space is on the yellow one. Your stitching is so lovely!
    God Bless ~

  3. I LOVE that fabric!!! I`m doing mine on cream, but am now wishing I had chosen a darker fabric. I am adjusting some of the lighter colours as I go so they show up.

    Yours is going to be gorgeous!

    I am in Canada...I wish we had a blog like this!

  4. vbg -- you could always do both. I bet the cream would be pretty also. --Marcy

  5. Thanks for the comments. I stitch 2 over 2 on the 32ct for the sampler. Marcy... I have to get this one done first, but I have been thinking of starting over with the creams, lol decisions! decisions!