Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Part one is finished.

One down and 8 to go......yesssss!!!! I was so proud of myself today i finished part one and i am ready to start part 2 tomorrow. I just love the way this sampler is looking, the colors are just beautiful together. Let me also say to you all who are posting updates. that i love each and every color combination. I really didnt think i would like the red version, but it is just beautiful. It amazes me to see one pattern look so different just because of thread or fabric color choices. I hope that when everyone is done that there will be a finished photo album. Not just for the usa, but for the world and everyone who has finished this Most beautiful sampler be able to post their finished sampler. I hope you all stick to this sal and finish this sampler. I am for one a proud stitcher to be part of the biggest SAL i have ever heard about. I wonder if there is a total count from each participating country. I would love to know. Well it is soon off to lalal land for me, as 5:00 am comes way to soon. So good night to all and God Bless.

Jeanie b


  1. What a design! It is so beautiful. Haven't started it yet but saved the parts in my computer to do in the future. Enjoy looking at all the progress on Mary.

    Jennifer Dalenberg

  2. Jeanie...I have often wondered, too, how many around the world are stitching MW :)