Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Mary Wigham Part I

Hello Everyone!
I have wanted to stitch a Quaker sampler for a long time and was very happy to find this SAL.
I am stitching my sampler 1 x 1 on 26 count Ecru fabric of unknown origin, it was a piece of fabric from a grab bag. I've reduced the number of colors that the sampler calls for, left a few which I like and added some Mauve and Purple shades. I wanted to keep White in my palette, tried Blank and B5200 but both did not show up on my fabric. After long experiments with White I substituted it and not sorry about it.
As work on my own designs takes a lot of time, MW sampler is my car project , it is with me wherever I go.
In the pictures you can see my MW palette, and work on Part I.
I really enjoy working on Mary's sampler, it's almost addictive.
Happy stitching to everyone!


  1. Beautiful progress Olga!! The entire time I was stitching the white and ecru, I was thinking....it's not showing up!!!! But, I kept going. You can tell you are a designer because you take more risks..and they work out beautifully!!

  2. Thank you Cindy. I wanted to keep White very much and tried hard on it. B5200 looked like a ghost on my fabric, Blank was softer but can you see it in Pic 2? The motif is completely stitched there. :-(( If White was alone,it would show up. Your fabric is a little richer color. White can work better on it. Keep stitching, I love your work.