Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Thanks everyone for all the recommendations for shops with supplies in DFW! I so appreciate the spirit of camaraderie here.  I ordered some linen online and was really pleased with it, but it failed to impress my mother who will be the recipient of my Mary.

My daughter and I went to visit Mom last week and stopped in at The Needlework Boutique just minutes from her house. Mom corralled Marlowe (my two-year-old) and I tried to take it all in. Mom selected some really lovely hand-dyed forest green linen and Suzette at Needlework Boutique helped me make sure there was enough for the finished sampler (of course Mom couldn't select something with the same count.)

Turns out Suzette is also working on a Mary. I hope we'll hear from her here.

My husband took my daughter out Saturday and I got started.
I hope to get at least an hour in each day before Marlowe gets up and while she naps. I'm in a bad mood today because I have to spend nap time getting ready for a neighborhood meeting tonight.

The Needlework Boutique is quite a drive from my house but I'm looking forward to future visits and with a built in babysitter minutes away it could be my new happy place.


  1. Wow, can't wait to see how Miss Mary looks on this material. Are you going to change any of the colors? I know the lighter colors I am using got lost on my light material but they will pop on this color.

  2. Nothing like a good quality needlework store nearby! I like your background fabric. Can't wait to see how it works for you.

    I think I am starting over on mine. Have ordered some other fabric. What I have done so far will turn into a needlebook, or something.

    Have fun with your Mary!

  3. I am really excited to see what the lighter colors will look like. The only color I know I am changing is the pink. Mom doesn't do pink. I picked out a nice garnet red instead.
    I think the white might "pop" too much so I may substitute that too.
    Naptime is all mine today. Yeah!

  4. I'm so glad you had a good experience at TNB. I hope you will join us on Friday I would love to see your fabric.


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  6. Good luck on your Mary Wigham start! Don't get discouraged as some of us are also not far along, but not giving up!
    I am liking your fabric and thinking I might have chosen too light. :(