Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Another new Mary here. My name is Jennifer and I live in Dallas, TX with my partner of 13 plus years, our two-year old, an elderly boxer/pug and a middle aged fox terrier.
I have to finish a project (a service flag in honor of my nephew) for my sister in law before I can start my Mary. Little did I know that was not my only obstacle.
Finding the supplies has been a real pain! I am returning to needlework after twenty-year hiatus. I had no idea how hard it is to find quality supplies now! The WalMarts, JoAnns, and Michaels have made it really difficult. I've decided I'm done with them.
I have a couple leads on some far flung independent shops. A trip to any is going to have to be a planned adventure due to my little sidekick. Anyone in the DFW area with some favorite local shops, please email me. j.roberts.ratliff@gmail.com

Thank you to those of you that have posted about what materials you used and where you found them. While my daughter fought a nap, I placed my order today for some linen and thread - and a new, free standing scroll frame. (A huge splurge for me.)

This is the corner of our bedroom where I like to work. It's drafty and the view isn't so great (except in spring when the trees bud.) but the rest of our little house is behind my back when I sit here and so I can pretend that the mountains of laundry and towers of mail are someone else's problem.

Since I have no work to show, I'm posting this to ensure that I finish that darn needlepoint service flag and am ready to start Mary as soon as the supplies arrive. I hope to publish my first start (I usually have to rip out the first 2-5 starts.) here next week.

My thanks to everyone posting and following here. You have been a real inspiration to me since I discovered Needleprint just a month or so ago.



  1. Good luck, Jenny, I'm not that far ahead of you so we'll be company for each other!

  2. Welcome Jenny! I'll send you an email...I know I shop near DFW.

  3. I'm ready to start over so maybe we three can help each other.


  4. Welcome Jenny, I love your stitching area. Just pull out the lap-agan to cover your knees and the sweather for your shoulders and beat that draft. Can't wait to see your progress.