Thursday, February 4, 2010

Intro and Blog Update

Hi Everyone,

As Shari announced, she has stepped down from being the group leader and I have offered to come on board. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Shari for stepping up to the plate in the very beginning and setting up this blog for all of us. She did a great job! Soon after she became group leader, she became a grandma to triplet grandsons and she's been juggling lots of bottles and diapers! She's been busy.

I just started my Mary in November and have been loving her even though I'm still on Part 1. It's not too late to start! It's a New Year, the holidays are behind us and it's time to dig our Mary's out of the closet! I know I would love to see how yours are all coming along!


~ There is one more spot available on the blog. If someone would like to be a member and is working on Mary or about to start, please email me for an invite. First come, first served. My email is on the sidebar in the "Welcome" section.

~ If there is anyone who is no longer interested in being a member, please email me and I can take you off as an author and open up some free spaces. Don't feel happens and frankly, I was supposed to start my own Mary back in June and didn't get to it until November. But I'm glad I did!

~ I changed the look of the blog a little and will probably change it around a little more. Don't be surprised if one day it's one way and the next it's another. I'm just playing around.

I think that's it. Please feel free to email me if you have questions or blog layout ideas.



  1. Hi Valerie, thanks for taking over and thanks to Shari too!

    My Mary was started in a fit of enthusiasm and then left to languish - only one gransdon for me,lol, in November but a move to another state as well, so am I excused please, Miss? !

    I am loving it especially as I'm breaking up the monochrome that I chose with some bits of Gloriana.

    How is everyone else doing? I'll post a picture when I get back home. I'm in DC with another monster storm about to hit so not sure when that will be!

  2. I am also going to be in the middle of the monster storm here in Northern Va. But I will most likely be going into work to stay all weekend, so I am taking Miss Mary with me. I work a hospital call center and should have time to work on her between my times on the console. We end up crashing in offices and break rooms between duty time so I do have down time. I will post a picture when I get home and get over the weekend.
    Happy Stitching everyone

  3. Welcome Valarie, thanks for keeping us going. I do hope you will play a little more with the "look" of the blog, I'm wearing sunglasses because the computer is hard for me to see all the time and this bright white, (which looks pale yellow with the sun glasses) is almost painful for me. Just a shade to two of any light color helps an awful lot, even the sun glasses don't help this color much.

  4. Welcome Valarie, I look forward to our stitching adventure. Thanks you Shari, for all your encouragement and assistance to get us started.
    I have started over. I will be working over one on 28 count something. My orginal would not fit anywhere in my house so.. over I start.
    I would like it to be in shades of toupe and antique red. I've seen two that a really love.


  5. Thanks Valerie, this new background is tremendously better!!

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  7. Welcome, Valerie! Love the new background.