Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Leader---Welcome Valerie

hello all,
I have been in contact with Valerie & she is willing to take over as the leader of the USA group for Mary Wigham. Thank you so much Valerie. I am staying on as a member of the blog, but I will not be the contact person any longer. Any concerns can be voiced to Valerie, who is in the member list.
Please, keep working on your Mary's!!!!
I have enjoyed getting to know some of you better, thru this blog!


  1. Shari thank you for your hard work on this blog and I will be looking forward to seeing your Mary again.
    Valerie, thank you for taking over this blog for us. Maybe now that the holidays are over we will all get back to Mary. I know I haven't touched mine in a while. But I will be getting back to her once I catch up on my Castles in the Air sampler.

  2. Hello Valerie, Congratulations! I was wondering if this blog still has room for more members. I would love to join. I have just started my Mary, and would love to part of this community. Could you please let me know and tell me how to join.

  3. Hi Valerie...
    How do I submit a photo of my Mary to the group? She's basically finished -- I am currently adding the initials of my family members.

  4. Thank you for everything, Shari, and God bless you and your new grandchildren! What an adventure it will be!