Monday, February 15, 2010

Mary so far.....

Mary and I have been apart for a couple of weeks but we are reunited now! It's a peaceful stitch with not too much reverse stitching, lol! At first I was sorry I hadn't gone with the colours given but tucking a few different shades into the monochrome has definitelly given the piece a lift. For enquiring minds threads (so far) that I am using are Waterlilies Winter Wheat (monochrome part) together with Gloriana Sable and Silk n' Colours Fallen Leaves.
I'm rechallenging myself to a couple of needlefuls a day again. Let's see how I do!


  1. Hi Gillie,
    I your work it is just beautiful. I love how you used the monochrome colors with a small color change for contrast. Would you be kind enough to give me the name of the pattern so I can purchase a copy for my own. Thank you and please show more pictures as your work progresses.

  2. Look in the sidebar to the right and click on the Needleprint address - you'll need to scroll down quite a long way to the Mary Wigham download. Thank you for the nice comments!

  3. Beautiful progress Gillie! Love the monochrome effect with the subtle pops of color! :)

  4. Gillie -
    Your Mary is beautiful. I don't think you'll be sorry if you are using colors of your own choosing. And a little highlighting sets it off nicely.
    I like the idea of doing a "couple of needlefuls a day". Good goal!


  5. Looks great Gillie you are making some great color choices and she is looking wonderful. I like the couple of meedlefuls a day idea too.

  6. Elegant colors. What a fabulous color sense you have!