Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Update!

I am embarassed at the small amount of progress to show. The Vikki Clayton silks that are in this project are reasonably priced and very little to no shredding. And I like to use longer threads when possible.

Some project decisions have finally been made. Family initials will be substituted and since that was changing the original design, I could rationalize a few other changes too. Like using some other color than white for the blooms on the flower above--not sure what yet though.

Do you think I am being distracted by other projects? YES! There are 15 WIP's sitting out in my stitching area-way too noisy with them all calling to me! *Please visit my new blog-atwillowtreepond to see what else is calling! :)


  1. Beautiful progress! Great job! Can't wait to see how you'll make this sampler your own.

  2. I feel Miss Mary understands and is always waiting to be worked on when we can. She waits for all of us to pick her up even if it is only for a few hours a month. It all counts towards the finished project.
    Your Miss Mary looks great.