Friday, February 12, 2010

Another New Member!

Hi, All -

My name is Bobbi and I live in the Cleveland area. I just came across this blog for the first time this morning and am thrilled to be able to join. I started my Mary quite a while ago, but she has gone to the bottom of the list a few times in favor of new starts and some actual finishes.

I am a widow, a mother to two, a grandmother to five, and will become a great-grandmother in July. Where in the world does the time go?

I have to run out to do some errands that I have been putting off for a couple of snowy days, but I will post a photo of my Mary over the weekend. I look forward to becoming excited about this project again and meeting the goal of having the project completed in 2010. I will catch up on all your photos and posts over the weekend, also.

Bobbi - Ohio


  1. Welcome Bobbie I am looking forward to seeing your Miss Mary.

  2. Welcome from me too - I picked up Mary again a few weeks ago, she was then put down and this weekend will be in my hands again! I will post a picture tomorrow if the sun shines!

  3. Welcome Bobbi...glad you jumped right in and introduced yourself! Can't wait to see your Mary!

  4. Thanks for the welcomes. I think it will be fun to see everyone's progress...and maybe receive encouragement when there isn't. This is definitely a piece that I want to finish.

  5. Welcome and howdy neighbor! I live not far from you -- down near Youngstown Ohio.