Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mary From January & Blog Update

I realized that I didn't post my latest work in progress photo of my Mary. This was taken at the beginning of January and I haven't picked her up since. She is screaming at me every night demanding to be stitched on but I am currently gift stitching. I'm stitching every waking moment I have on my sister's 50th birthday present! I am hoping to finish that by the end of the month so I can pick up my Mary again.

Thanks for looking.

I've spent some time revamping the look of the blog a little as well as developing a list of all participants with hyperlinks. This should make it easier for everyone to "visit" each other. =)



  1. Sister's are important and 50th is a biggy. I just had my 60th and my one sister forgot while the other one sent me an email at 11pm. Oh well I am sure your sister will love your gift.

  2. Valerie - As you know, I just joined this group, but I think the site looks great and I was amazed that you immediately had my listed, as well as one of my blogs. Great work. I don't understand how all of that works!

    Your Mary is looking great. What are you stitching for your sister? Oh, you probably can't answer that!