Saturday, September 26, 2009


Finally Miss Mary In Pink is finished! The last stitch was applied Monday the 14th at 4:10 PM. This is one project I worked on steadily without interruptions until it was finished. She was a delight to stitch, but all that pink became tiresome after a while. The next Quaker sampler will be multicolored! The initials were changed to represent family members & friends, each group in a different style. Even our furbabies' initials are there!

I have started a Fall themed band sampler "To The Acorn" which is completely different in design and colors, the border is almost done with the bands to follow!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend filled with some sweet stitching! We are supposed to have another very hot day with Santa Anna conditions. Just a few days ago we had a large brush fire in our neighborhood, everyone was in a panic, the fire fighters had it tamped down within a couple of hours, but one family lost their house - it went up so quickly with the fire rushing up the hill in just a few minutes!

Stay Cool!


  1. It may have been tiresome with all that pink but it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I think it's definitely worth it! Beautiful piece :)

  2. You have made Mary your own and she is gorgeous. Can't wait to see how you will frame her. Please don't forget to post when she is framed.

  3. Your Mary in pink looks so sweet! Congrats on your finishing!

  4. Holy Smokes!! Wawanna, I absolutely adore it!