Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Mary Update

I have come to affectionately called my Mary Wigham project my “downstairs” project. I keep it downstairs to work on whenever I have a few moments in between house chores. Most days, I get by with barely five stitches. But the meager five stitches are better than none as I am five stitches closer to the finish line. Here is what I have so far:

The yellow and the dark blue are the latest additions:

The reason I am stitching Mary and hopefully a bunch of other Quaker samplers is because I want these samplers to compliment the Quaker Birth Sampler I am stitching for my daughter. I hope in about 5-6 year’s time, I shall have enough Quaker samplers stitched to fill up a wall… at least that’s the plan in my little head!

Happy Mary-Wighaming, Everyone! :)
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  1. Great progress Wendy! Love the concept of the Quaker wall and the Bienvenue chart. I'll have to peek in and see how your progress is on that! :)