Saturday, March 12, 2011

JudyJo's Mary Wigham

Hi Everyone,

I recently received a nice email from a member of the SAL who needed help posting to the blog so I am posting for her. Following is her email:

I have completed my Mary Wigham...I finished her last year, and really enjoyed the experience. I took many liberties with the sampler, both with my fabric and choice of threads. I even made a few design changes, some that I really liked as I researched more and more about Quaker stitching. It is worked on 28-count white evenweave, one full cross over one. The threads are DMC, the colors chosen because they were my favorites when I was growing up, and convinced myself that Mary would have liked the happier colors had she had a choice.
I was amused by the errors Mary made in counting, and could almost imagine how she felt when faced with having to frog much of her stitches. Her mistakes made me feel better about mine!
Thanks for allowing me to participate in the SAL. I have seen so many beautiful pieces that others have done, making me think that perhaps I'll do another one. I'll continue watching the site for other beautiful examples. Happy stitching! JudyJo

I think JudyJo's version of Mary is stunning. The colors are bright and cheery and scream Spring to me. Congratulation on your finish Judy!

I'm finally pulled my Mary out and put her in rotation. I am hoping to finish Part 3 soon to share with everyone.

Valerie :)


  1. I love your choice of colors. Wish I would have done the same. Need a little color in my life. Congratulations on the finish. It is beautiful.

  2. Congratulations on the finish. I love the vivid colors and the way that you made it your own and keeping it Mary's. That is what is fun and special about this! Take care.

  3. She is a beauty, JudyJo! Congratulations on getting her finished!

  4. Wow! Love those colors -- your Mary makes me smile. Congratulations!