Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Mary Start

Yes, I know I have already started Mary, but I just started her again. LOL I actually do hope to finish them both one day. Here's a pic of my latest version:

Fabric: 40-count Antique White Newcastle Linen
Fiber: Blue Bunny floss from Hand Made by Nina
Stitched 1 over 2
Progress as of 1 August 10

The main reason I decided to start her again was because of the fiber. I saw it on Nina's personal blog and absolutely fell in love with it.

Here's my progress on my other over 1 version of Mary:

Fabric: 36-count Maritime White linen from Lakeside Linens
Fibers: Variety of GAST, CC, and WDW
Stitched 1-over-1 using tent stitch


  1. I love them both! Wow-I admire your willingness to stitch Mary twice. :)

  2. Great job Melissa! Both versions look great! You are very brave to tackle this twice!

  3. wow! Both are gorgeous!!!!!! I LOVE the floss on your new start....inquiring minds NEED to know ordering details for it!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful! I like them both. the thread on your new Mary is gorgeous.