Saturday, April 3, 2010

MW update from California

With out any immediate "needs" to stitch exchanges or any other stitching "obligations", MW has grown over the last few weeks...and it has become something that has been very difficult to put down when the need of housework or exercising has come up :). This last week, I have been trying to finish up page one - the interior part of the project where the flowers are (that is what I have been calling those motifs - below is a picture of what I have been stitching this week).
Here is the "flower" area I have been working on the last few days. I used GAST butternut squash for the flower-in-the-diamond motif and for the flower buds on the stems, it is Berry Cobbler. I noticed last night, as I was stitching the upper flower, that my count was I am debating whether to "frog-it" and start over or just leave it. It won't mess up the placement of any of the other motifs and unless I point it out to everyone when it is done, it is one of those things no one will even know...but I will. What would you do in this case?

Well, just wanted to share my status of MW. I will probably stitch on her for another week before putting her away for a while as some exchange deadlines are May 1 and I do have a trip to Washington DC coming up (chaperon for an 8th grade field trip) where it will be easier to haul some little projects for the plane ride.

Take care all...Happy Easter! and remember to Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


  1. Leave it! No one will have the chart in their other hand as they admire your beautiful work! I've been doing quite a bit too, must take a photograph today, it IS hard to put down! As the mother of two former 8th graders who went to DC - good luck!

  2. Personalized! It's beautiful. Love your color choices.

    P.S. What's housework?

  3. It's looking great Lisa. You've got a lot done. I agree...I'd leave in the "mistake". No one will know but you!

  4. It's beautiful !! I have been off on my counts a couple of times too this in this first part. I frogged the first time, but the next two times, I just left it. I'm not going to worry too much about it as long as everything else is in place.
    Great Job.